• Created for veterans, contractors, defense company civilians, and active/transitioning military. This course was created with the special issues and challenges of defense employees in mind, especially contracting and military backgrounds.
  • Let me help you get noticed by recruiters, find jobs faster, and connect with people that can help or even hire you. In today’s competitive defense job market, using LinkedIn effectively can be a massive advantage.
  • All major (and even most smaller) defense contracting companies rely on the platform and regularly use LinkedIn as a primary tool to search for, identify and vet job candidates.

Course Contents: 25 Quick Video Lessons

  1. Why LinkedIn for Defense Contracting Jobs?
  2. LinkedIn & Your Contracting Job Search Strategy
  3. Five Seldom Used Functions Ideal For Defense-Related Profiles
  4. Strategy: Your Profile vs. Your Resume
  5. How to Choose Keywords: Defense-Related & Other
  6. Common Defense Contracting Profile Mistakes
  7. Signing Up for LinkedIn
  8. How To Customize Your Profile Address
  9. How To Customize Your Header Image
  10. How To Customize Your Profile Image (Camo or Corporate?)
  11. How To Write An Effective Headline
  12. How To Use The “Open To Work” Options
  13. How To Write Your Summary To Grab People’s Attention
  14. How To Add Video To Your Profile (Most Don’t, So Do It Now)
  15. Featured Section: Show, Don’t Tell
  16. How To Add Your Experience (Avoid the Defense Jargon)
  17. How To Add Skills For Endorsements
  18. How To Add Accomplishments
  19. How To Find & Connect With People
  20. Asking For Recommendations
  21. How To Use LinkedIn Groups
  22. Creating Content To Attract Recruiters & Search Engines
  23. Uploading 1-5 Customized Resumes
  24. How To Find Jobs & Apply Before Most Others
  25. Special Features For Veterans & Military